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Forget about boats or sailing, why not control a hovercraft instead! This 2D top-down racing game allows you control your very own hovercraft! The graphics are great, and the gameplay is fun and challenging. Before you start a race, you can choose from a range of vehicles. New vehicles are unlocked as you progress through more levels.

Each race features a winding water course which you must navigate. The corners are quite sharp and you must account for the hovercrafts movement. There is an element of gliding and drifting in this game when taking the corners. If you turn too much or too little, you will crash into the sides. Try and get the balance right to maintain a high level of speed. Will you become the hovercraft champion and complete all 16 races?
WASD or arrow keys to drive; Space bar to brake.

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HoverCraft Race webGL Instruction

WASD or arrow keys to drive; Space bar to brake.

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