Wedding Photographer HTML5

Find all hidden objects in these beautiful and the most romantic photos. Use mou [...]

Stealing from Gods HTML5

I have a plan, but I require your assistance. We will steal from the pharaoh him [...]

Special Recipe HTML5

I’m so excited that we will see each other and I will be disappointed if y [...]

Insomnia House

You are a private investigator in this detective game and your task is to solve [...]

Farm House Party

Today the frozen family is going to have fun and frolic with their family member [...]

The Park Keeper

Follow this park keepper in his very responsible and interesting job and help hi [...]

Train Robbery

You are a detective in this interesting game and your job is to find the stolen [...]

Little Shop of Treasures 2

It’s time to expand your business. Search the street with many boutiques a [...]

Little Shop of Treasures HTML5

Prepare yourself to create a little shop in this town. Walk through the streets [...]

KuCeng – The Treasure Hunter

Join Kuceng on an exciting treasure hunt in this cute hidden object game! Help t [...]

The True Heir

Can you help the brave citizens of this city to put the real heir on the throne? [...]

Caribbean Paradise

You are the owner of the small Caribbean beach and your job is to check if every [...]

Villagers of Farmyard

Help this young couple to learn more about farming. Search the farm and start to [...]

Observatory Secret

Look for the secrets in this old observatory. Search the rooms and collect all t [...]

Romantic Escapade

Prepare yourself for the romantic weekend in the wonderful resort. Don’t f [...]

Cottage Farm

Prepare yourself to renovate this old farm and start a family business. But firs [...]

The Breeze Of Love Hidden Objects

There are only a few days left until the wedding day. Your job is to help us in [...]

The Last Kingdom

You are a brave knight in this adventure and your mission is to save the last ki [...]

Spring Facts

This is the game with some interesting facts about spring. Show your knowledge a [...]

Pizza Hidden Objects

Not only will you cook a pizza but have fun finding the ingredients! Use mouse t [...]

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