Bob The Robber 4

This time, Bob the Robber is going to France to try to make a fortune. His steal [...]

Freddy Run 3

Freddy loves to play video games! In his dreams, Freddy is a video game characte [...]

Orion Sandbox Enhanced

Orion Sandbox Enhanced is an upgrade of the original Orion Sandbox and has many [...]

Neon Dash 2 HTML5

Neon Dash 2 is a spin-off of Geometry Dash but with colorful neon colors and new [...]


You are a young boy who suddenly wakes up in a mysterious land filled with fanta [...]

Mad or Dead

In Mad or Dead, you’re a soldier on a mission to infiltrate an abandoned c [...]

Maim Me

Maim Me is an arena shooting game. You can play either with a friend or against [...]

Lee Lee’s Quest

Go on a crazy adventure to save Lulu, your girlfriend or friend (is she even a g [...]

Give Up, Robot 2

The cute disco dancing robot is back! Help him through 60 psychedelic stages and [...]

Steam Heart

Steam Heart is a classic arcade platformer made by Sinclair Strange for the Ludu [...]

Max Savior

While being on a romantic date with your girlfriend, the two of you get kidnappe [...]

Blob: Escape from Lab 16B

Work together with multiple blobs and merge them to escape from lab 16B. Make su [...]

I Broke The Time

Professor Timothy destroyed the time, all days and hours got mixed up. You have [...]

Rico and Miko

Rico has to reach his love Miko, and you have to help him! Interact with various [...]


The Queen of Shadows stole your shadow. Go on an adventure to find out more abou [...]

The Forest Temple 3

In this challenging platform game, it’s your job to figure out a way to ge [...]

Pix Hop

Pix Hop, a simple endless platform game in which you control a small white squar [...]

Monster Catcher Team

In this two player game, you have to combine forces to bring each level to a goo [...]


Play as Mr.Timan – a new employee in Time Company. All what you need is pr [...]


Adaptor is a platform game in which the controls change depending on which you s [...]

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